PERISCOPE aims at establishing a permanent innovation ecosystem in the North Sea Region to grow transnational innovation partnerships for sustainable business development in emerging blue markets.



PERISCOPE Blue Growth Innovation Survey results released!

Successful Blue Growth requires companies to innovate and invest. Periscope has recently undertaken a survey in the North Sea region’s blue economy to better understand businesses' innovation strategies and their perception of the climate for business innovation.

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The North Sea Region (NSR) is a crucial area for Europe's Blue Economy with marine resources, technologically advanced industries, major port areas and increased offshore activities. Due to global drivers, the wider maritime, marine and offshore economies are exposed to profound challenges with some industries undergoing significant changes, including increased production as well as stagnation and decrease of production. The NSR is experiencing a period of considerable restructuring.

These new cross-border and cross-sectorial prospects generate new challenges, and ask for transnational and intersectorial solutions supported by incentives to break out of existing silos. 

PERISCOPE aims to support Interreg North Sea’s objectives, first and foremost “Thinking growth” by strengthening cross-sector Blue Growth innovation capacity in the NSR by bringing together the players (businesses, entrepreneurs, clusters/networks, researchers, universities, business angels, incubators, investors and funds, customers/users, regional and local authorities and development/business support agencies) for knowledge sharing, acceleration and launch of new innovation-projects for sustainable business development.

The ambition is that PERISCOPE will result in a permanent platform for partnership and business development in the North Sea region, which will increase the capacity of players in the blue economy. Through this tool, ideas for new innovations and trends can create synergies and new business opportunities, but also joint project applications.

The project started in October 2017 and ends in September 2020 and is funded 50% by the EU through the Interreg Nordsjö program. 12 parties from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom participate.

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