Bioreg aims to unlock the unused wood waste potential in Europe

Bioreg is the first multi-stakeholders’ platform dedicated to waste wood in Europe. Business Region Göteborg is one of the collaborating partners.
Bioreg aims to unlock the unused wood waste potential in Europe

Bioreg: “Absorbing the Potential of Wood Waste in EU Regions and Industrial Bio-based Ecosystems”
Bioreg is a European project dedicated to waste wood and financed to by the European commission. The program started in January 2017 and will go on for Three years, the total budget being 1 million €. The overall objective of the Bioreg project is to identify, develop and fully unlock the unused wood waste potential at European level and allow for the implementation of the full range of wood waste valorisation practices among European regions.

A sector that is itself searching…
The management of wood waste in Europe, whose flows are increasing thanks to incentive policies, is now in a difficult situation, torn between a directive that encourages material recycling and policies that aim to increase significantly biomass energy. In this context, relevant actors have poor visibility how to implement solutions or to adapt regulations. Bioreg aims in particular to provide information and relevant feedback to actors and bring them together to disseminate suitable solutions and success factors, depending on the regional context.

Setting up a multi-stakeholders platform in order to transfer success factors and solutions
For the purpose, the first multi-stakeholder platform in Europe dedicated to waste wood will be developed. The platform will facilitate the identification and selection of best practices and success factors among European demonstrator regions which have set up pertinent mechanisms all along the value chain of wood waste management (collecting, treatment, valorisation such as reuse, wood waste to materials, wood waste to energy), and outputs management (gas, ash, other waste from valorisation processes).

In close cooperation with key stakeholders from demonstrator and recipient regions, the platform will allow to transfer the success factors identified to regions with unused wood waste potential or bad practices.

Dissemination of information and study visits at demonstration sites
Many conferences, visits and seminars are forecasted during the life of the project, in particular in the relevant model and recipient regions: Gothenburg, Styria (Austria), Lombardy (Italy), North West England, Normandy (France), Lubelsky (Poland), Alentejo (Portugal). Communication will be maintained with policy makers and industries in the respective regions. Furthermore, Bioreg is intended to disseminate more widely, and in particular in regions where the value chains could be enhanced.



A consortium of diversified partners
Bioreg consortium gathers different types of partners, in particular in the identified regions of the project, in order to respond to the objectives of Bioreg (SMEs, associations, regional authorities, a university, research centers): CEDEN (France), BIOMASSE NORMANDIE (France), BIOS (AUSTRIA), Business Region Göteborg (Sweden), EUBIA (Belgium), EUROPROJECT (Bulgaria), IUNG (Poland) and Universidad Novae de Lisboa (Portugal).


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